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Emulator supporting the Philips 8051 Family


Key Benefits

  • Supports nearly all Philips 8051 parts including: 8xC51RA/RB/RC/RD+, 8xC51Rx2 8xC51FA/FB/FC, 89C51X2, 89C52X2, 89C58X2, 8xC591, 8xC592, 8xC51MB2/MC2,
    89C669, 89LV51RD2, and more are coming soon
  • Choice of User Interfaces: Seehau from ICE Technology and ChipView-x51.
  • Seehau: runs under Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, & XP.
  • Emulation and trace ISA boards install in your PC or in the Nohau® HSP box (shown) and controlled via the PC LPTx port. Also, available in a USB Box interface.
  • The optional trace board can be installed or upgraded later.
  • Trace memory is real-time: up to 256K deep by up to 96 bits, 8 trigger levels, with timestamp, filtering and an external trigger output. Ports P1 and P3 are also recorded.
  • High Level Language (HLL) support for C compilers.
  • 64K hardware breakpoints, Bank Switching, Program Performance Analysis (PPA), and Code Coverage.

Application Notes: Family Specific

Application Notes: Generic

Nohau Manuals

Click here for real-time trace, code coverage, performance analysis



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