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Cut Development Time
Using In-circuit Emulators and BDMs
Seehau Highlights and Key Features
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*  Macro debug capability 
*  Command line 
*  Shadow RAM support 
*  Single Step in your macro 
*  Project support 
*  GUI capable macros 
Mixed Mode Syntax Highlighted Editor
*  C source line support 
*  Mixed C and assembly language 
*  Data hints to view variable values 
*  Configure your display options 
*  Syntax highlighted editor built in to view C source 
*  Invoke compiler and linker from emulator 
Key Features
*  Real-time emulation at maximum chip speeds 
*  High level support for popular C compilers 
*  Advanced tracing capabilities 
*  Configurable user interface with remote
    hookup capability 
*  High speed connection to PC through parallel port (LPTx) or plug-in ISA card 



Minimum Requirements to run Seehau

Pentium 200 or higher
*Single-Processor system (not Dual-Processor)
Operating Systems: Windows 9x/NT/2000Pro/2000ME
Random Access Memory (RAM):
- for Windows 95/98/2000ME: 64 MB
- for Windows NT/2000Pro: 128 MB

Software shipped on CD's requires 2x CD-ROM driver or better.
40MB free hard disk space

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