Seehau is the debugger GUI (graphical user interface) from ICE Technology. It is used for all our current emulator/debugger families. The user normally starts Seehau like most Windows programs - by (double) clicking an icon. Then the user will load the program to debug by finding it on the hard drive, and the debug session can start.

The Seehau Launcher (SLaunch) intends to add a new method for starting Seehau - from within a code editor or an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). These are often customizable, and can be configured to start external applications when the user requests to debug. Examples include; ARM ADS, CodeWright, VIDE - (MicroCross GNU), Visual X-Tools, IAR Embedded Work-bench.

SLaunch is necessary for this purpose. Without it, a new instance of Seehau would be started for each debug session (unless the user manually closes down the existing Seehau before starting the next session). Multiple instances of Seehau competing for the one hardware connection will not work correctly.

The operation of SLaunch is very simple, for this reason it does not have a user interface. There is no interaction with the user, except for error messages.

SLauncher Manual Download Application: Click Here
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