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EMUL-ARM: Board Support Packages

EMUL-ARM comes with BSP's (Board Support Packages) that are intended to Jump Start the software development. Our BSP includes support for boards with MCUs from the silicon manufacturers shown below. Click the logos below to see which actual boards are supported and the details of the package.

Our BSP's do not include complete software drivers for all peripherals on an MCU. A BSP consists of the debugger, RTOS, and the following source code:

  • Source code projects ready to compile with supported compilers
  • Software drivers for some peripherals (not all boards - see the board description)
  • uC/OS-II RTOS, ready to use with supported target boards (requires the uC/OS-II book).

There is no easier way to get started with uC/OS-II / ARM than with our BSP for supported MCUs. Nohau's support packages consist of the original RTOS core, and Nohau's add-ons for the MCU specific target boards that we currently support. The following compilers are supported in our BSP's:

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