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µC/OS-II is a highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive, real-time, multitasking kernel (RTOS). µC/OS-11 is written in ANSI C and contains a small portion of assembly language code to adapt it to different processor architectures. µC/OS-II is:
  • Low cost: The source code is available for USD $75, but requires a one-time fee when used in commercial applications (currently $2750).
  • Small footprint: uC/OS-II requires about 16KB program memory in ARM mode with most features enabled and can be scaled down to less than 6 KB in Thumb mode if needed.
  • Robust: Meets the requirements of safety critical systems and is certifiable according to DO178B level A
  • Documentation: The internals of uC/OS-II are described in Jean J. Labrosse's book: MicroC/OS-II, The Real-Time Kernel (ISBN 1-57820-103-9)
Some of the services provided by uC/OS-II:
  • Task Management
  • Time Management
  • Memory Management of Semaphores
  • Event Flags
  • Message Mailboxes and Queues
Included with EMUL-ARM
EMUL-ARM comes with BSPs, which include µC/OS-II ports ready to use with selected evaluation boards - both ARM mode and Thumb mode. However, the MicroC/OS-II book must be purchased to get the source. Please note that Nohau® supplies the latest version of µC/OS-II (currently 2.76) and also made minor modifications. Sites like typically include older versions of the operating system.

Kernel Awareness for µC/OS-II
EMUL-ARM has built-in Kernel Awareness for µC/OS-II, which allows viewing task status, stack usage, etc. Other viewable items include semaphores (which tasks are waiting for a semaphore), and memory allocation status.

Ports available for IAR / HI-TECH compilers and following targets:

  • Atmel E1340, EB40A and EB55 with associated targets
  • Philips LPC2000 series
  • Oki ML764K series
  • Oki ML765K series
  • More soon - ask

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