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The Philips LPC2000 family is based on a 1.8V ARM7TDMI-S core operating at up to 60 MHz together with a wide range of peripherals including multiple serial interfaces, 10-bit ADC and external bus options. These controllers are designed for use in a range of applications including industrial control, automotive, medical, connectivity and any other general purpose embedded application requiring high performance and low power consumption in a cost-effective package.

Philips ARM devices:

  • LPC210x series - LPC2104, LPC2105, LPC2106
  • LPC211x series - LPC2114, LPC2124, LPC2119, LPC2129, LPC2194
  • LPC213x series - LPC2131, LPC2132, LPC2136, LPC2138
  • LPC214x series - LPC2141, LPC2142, LPC2146, LPC2148
  • LPC2194
  • LPC22xx series - LPC2210, LPC2212, LPC2214, LPC2290, LPC2292, LPC2294
  • LPC23xx series - LPC2364, LPC2366, LPC2368, LPC2378
  • LPC2800 series - LPC2880, LPC2888
  • PCF8775x series - PCF87750, PCF87752, PCF87757
  • PCF87852
  • LPC3000 series - LPC3180

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