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Nohau Supports the ATMEL: AT91X408XX - AT91F40816, AT91FR40161, AT9140162, AT91FR4042, AT91M40800, AT91R40008, AT91R40807

JTAG Debugger


Tool Features:

   Run Control (Run, Stop, Breakpoints, Single Stepping) Memory Read/Write access)
   RTOS Support

   Flash support for the Atmel EB40A
   Support for Special Function Registers (SFRs)

The members of the AT91X408XX share peripherals but offers different on-board memory and CPU speed.

Chip Feature overview:

  • External Bus Interface
  • 3-channel Timer/Counter
  • 2 USARTs
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Advanced power-saving features

On-chip memory and CPU speed:

  • AT91F40816 8KB SRAM, 2MB Flash, max CPU clock: 40MHz
  • AT91FR40161 136KB SRAM, 2MB Flash, max CPU clock: 33MHz
  • AT91FR40162 256KB SRAM, 2MB Flash, max CPU clock: 70MHz
  • AT91FR4042 256KB SRAM, 512KB Flash, max CPU clock: 75MHz
  • AT91M40800 8KB SRAM, max CPU clock: 40MHz
  • AT91R40008 256KB SRAM, max CPU clock: 75MHz
  • AT91R40807 136KB SRAM, max CPU clock: 33MHz

Evaluation boards and support packages:

  • Nohau offers the Atmel EB40A evaluation board for the AT91X408XX series.
  • EMUL-ARM includes board support packages for EB40 and EB40A, including C/OS-II
  • The Atmel AT91 software library for EB40 and EB55 is adapted for the HITECH ARM-C compiler and comes with EMUL-ARM
Support: support@icetech.com
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