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ST Microelectronics: STR7xxFRx, STR7xxFVx, STR7xxFZx

JTAG Debugger
ETM - Trace


Tool Features:

   Run Control (Run, Stop, Breakpoints, Single Stepping) Memory Read/Write access)
   On-chip Flash programming Support

   RTOS Support

   Support for Special Function Registers (SFRs)

The STR7 family of 32-bit microcontrollers offers the best of both 16 and 32-bit worlds. It combines the industry-standard ARM7TDMI® 32-bit RISC core, featuring high performance, very low power, and very dense code, with a comprehensive set of peripherals and ST's latest 0.18µ embedded Flash technology in the STR710 and STR730 ranges. The STR7 family comprises a wide range of devices fully loaded in generous packages or optimized in low pin-count packages.

The STR7 microcontrollers are aimed at customers who want the power and flexibility of a 32-bit microcontroller plus a rich set of on-chip peripherals. These small, highly integrated micro-controllers open the door to expanding application capabilities while driving down the total system cost.

This family targets embedded control applications such as industrial control, factory automation, point-of-sale, medical and testing equipment, as well as telecom and consumer applications.

ST ARM devices:

  • STR7 series -    STR710FZ1, STR710FZ2, STR710RZ, STR711FR0, STR711FR1, STR712FR0
                            STR712FR1, STR711FR2, STR715FR0, STR730FZ1, STR730FZ2, STR731FV0
                            STR731FV1, STR731FV2, STR735FZ1, STR735FZ2, STR736FV0, STR736FV1
                            STR736FV2, STR750FV0, STR750FV1, STR750FV2, STR751FR0, STR751FR1
                            STR751FR2, STR755FR0, STR755FR1, STR755FR2, STR755FV0, STR755FV1
Key features:
  • High-performance, industry standard core ARM7 RISC 32-bit CPU for future-proof microcontrollers that easily adapt to customer requirements
  • Extensive software and tool support with the complete STR7 library supporting all peripherals including USB dramatically reduces development time and increases ease-of-use
  • High-endurance embedded flash (STR710F and STR730F) with low latency for deterministic behavior in real-time applications
  • Industrial temperature range (-40°C to + 85 °C and +105°c ) and choice of 3.3V or 5.0V native devices provides flexible application options
  • The largest choice of on-chip peripherals including up to 3 CAN, USB, SPI, I2C, 4 UART, 20 timers reduces the system cost
  • Flexible power and clock management allows full control over power consumption and performance/power tradeoffs
  • Five low-power modes
  • Low-power voltage regulator
  • Dual APB buses architecture
  • Multiple clock sources
  • A comprehensive package selection including the compact 8x8 and 10x10 LFBGA optimizes development
  • Each device is available with extensive options to ensure compatibility with any product range
Support: support@icetech.com
Sales: sales@icetech.com
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Ph:1-800.68.NOHAU (1-800-686-6428) or (650) 375-0409 - Fax:(650) 375-8666
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Ph: (408) 626-7893 - Fax: (408) 626-9473
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