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ST Microelectronics: STR91xFxxx, STR91xWxxx

JTAG Debugger
ETM - Trace


Tool Features:

   Run Control (Run, Stop, Breakpoints, Single Stepping) Memory Read/Write access)
   On-chip Flash programming Support

   RTOS Support

   Support for Special Function Registers (SFRs)

The STR91xxxx family of 32-bit microcontrollers offers the best of both 16 and 32-bit worlds. It combines the industry-standard ARM966E-S® 32-bit RISC core, featuring high performance, very low power, and very dense code, with a comprehensive set of peripherals and ST's latest 0.18µ embedded Flash technology.

The STR91xxxx microcontrollers are aimed at customers who want the power and flexibility of a 32-bit microcontroller plus a rich set of on-chip peripherals. These small, highly integrated micro-controllers open the door to expanding application capabilities while driving down the total system cost.

ST ARM devices:

  • STR91xxxxx series - STR910FM32, STR910FW32, STR911FM42, STR911FM44, STR912FW42,
Key features:
  • 16/32-bit 96 MHz ARM9E based MCU
    - ARM966E-S RISC core: Harvard architecture,
      5-stage pipeline, Tightly-Coupled Memories (SRAM and Flash)
    - STR91xF implementation of core adds highspeed burst Flash memory interface, instruction prefetch       queue, branch cache
    - Up to 96 MIPS directly from Flash memory
    - Single-cycle DSP instructions are supported
    - Binary compatible with 16/32-bit ARM7 code
  • Dual burst Flash memories, 32-bits wide
    - 256KB/512KB Main Flash, 32KB 2nd Flash
    - Sequential Burst operation up to 96 MHz
    - 100K min erase cycles, 20 yr min retention
  • SRAM, 32-bits wide
    - 64K or 96K bytes, optional battery backup
  • 9 programmable DMA channels
    - One for Ethernet, eight programmable chnls
  • Clock, reset, and supply management
    - Two supplies required. Core: 1.8V +/-10%, I/O: 2.7 to 3.6V
    - Internal osc operating with ext. 4-25MHz xtal
    - Internal PLL up to 96MHz
    - Real-time clock provides calendar functions, tamper detection, and wake-up functions
    - Reset Supervisor monitors voltage supplies, watchdog timer, wake-up unit, ext. reset
    - Brown-out monitor for early warning interrupt
    - Run, Idle, and Sleep Mode as low as 50 uA
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85°C
  • Vectored interrupt controller (VIC)
    - 32 IRQ vectors, 30 intr pins, any can be FIQ
    - Branch cache minimizes interrupt latency
  • 8-channel, 10-bit A/D converter (ADC)
    - 0 to 3.6V range, 2 usec conversion time
  • 11 Communication interfaces
    - 10/100 Ethernet MAC with DMA and MII port
    - USB Full-speed (12 Mbps) slave device
    - CAN interface (2.0B Active)
    - 3 16550-style UARTs with IrDA protocol
    - 2 Fast I2C™, 400 kHz
    - 2 channels for SPI™, SSI™, or Microwire™
    - 8/16-bit EMI bus on 128 and 144 pin packages
  • Up to 80 I/O pins (muxed with interfaces)
    - 5V tolerant, 16 have high sink current (8mA)
    - Bit-wise manipulation of pins within a port
  • 16-bit standard timers (TIM)
    - 4 timers each with 2 input capture, 2 output compare, PWM and pulse count modes
  • 3-Phase induction motor controller (IMC)
    - 3 pairs of PWM outputs, adjustable centers
    - Emergency stop, dead-time gen, tach input
  • JTAG interface with boundary scan
    - ARM EmbeddedICE® RT for debugging
    - In-System Programming (ISP) of Flash
  • Embedded trace module (ARM ETM9)
    - Hi-speed instruction tracing, 9-pin interface

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